Ear Wax Blocking Your Ears? Microsuction Ear Wax Removal is safe, quick & easy

Ears blocked with wax? I can help you


I'm Greg Clements and I am an expert in the removal of excessive earwax.


I've been removing earwax since 2012 and I use the safest, most effective and most comfortable procedure, Microsuction.


I have cleaned thousands of ears and now I can clean yours.


I find it very rewarding to be able to help people in this way and am privileged to have received many positive reviews from appreciative clients.


Have a look at what others whose ears I have recently cleaned, have to say.

Ear Wax Removal Reviews

Robin F

I have had problems with ear wax build-up for nearly 30 years but I feel I have at last found a quick, easy and pain free solution. Cannot recommend highly enough.

William W

Excellent service. procedure very quick with no discomfort what so ever. I can now here a pin drop. Would highly recommend.

Jeanette B

Delighted with the outcome. Painless I can hear a pin drop now. Procedure of what was about to happen explained well.

We safely clean your ears

Convenient Location

Situated in the heart of Kilmarnock's commercial district with easy access from the A77 motorway. 10 minutes walk from the train and bus stations. Plentiful parking.

Easy Appointments

You can book your appointment by calling us directly or you can book on -line. We can usually see you same day.Call us if your need is urgent, we are flexible

Qualified Professional

Your microsuction earwax removal procedure  will be carried out  by a qualified and registered professional with the experience of thousands of procedures.

Benefits of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal


The procedure is carried out by a trained experienced and registered ear care professional who has an excellent full view of the ear canal at all times so your safety is ensured.


There is no need to insert ear drops in the canal for days before treatment. Sometimes drops will be used during the procedure to help with the ear wax removal.


The procedure is performed dry using a low pressure suction device. No water is flushed into the ear canal, so the risk of damage or infection is significantly reduced.


All ear wax is normally removed at the first appointment and on average the procedure takes 20 minutes. So your waiting and in clinic times are significantly reduced.



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